ITG Blue, Green and White Badge: NITGA’s members are mostly Blue Badge guides who have qualified since 1992. See our history section to find out more about the Blue Badge. The Green Badge is for a city or Region – we currently do not have any Green Badge Members. The White Badge is awarded by ITG for guides working at a particular site undertaking walking tours or fixed route bus tours. NITGA is currently running a White Badge course at an Historic Site in Belfast.

ROI National and Regional Badge: Some of our members have also become qualified via the Fáilte Ireland National and Regional Guide Training for Guides which also covers Northern Ireland and the border counties. The National and Regional Tourist Guide training is now delivered independently by regional colleges in the ROI working to the guidelines set by QQI and Fáilte Ireland.

Student Category: NITGA also has a Student category of membership, for guides who speak languages other than English who have been working in the industry for at least three years and have been given training by us. This is to address the shortage of language guides in Northern Ireland.

Language Quality Assurance: All NITGA’s non-native language speakers have been tested to ensure their fluency is of an acceptable standard for guiding. Some have been tested by the Institute of Tourist Guiding, some via NITGA’s own quality assurance programme for languages which uses linguists who are members of the Institute of Linguists.

Qualification Conversion: We also offer guides with other guiding qualifications the opportunity to convert to the Blue or Green Badge accredited by the Institute of Tourist Guiding. If you’d be interested in finding out if your guiding qualification can be converted, please contact info@nitga.co.uk

Membership Benefits

  • Full Public Liability Insurance.
  • Publicity: All guides are promoted via our website and social media. We also have periodical publicity campaigns that features particular guides and tours.
  • Guide Employment: Tour Operators looking for guides contact us directly on a daily and weekly basis. We have a fair and equal system for distributing work amongst our members, and lots of our members have developed long and successful relationships with clients through work distributed via our association.
  • Trade Shows: We represent our members at a range of trade shows throughout the year.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): We have a CPD strategy that ensures all guides keep their knowledge and skills up to date. Members who submit their CPD record receive an online badge of achievement within their website entry.
  • Members Newsletter: Our periodical newsletter keeps members up to date with local developments, CPD events and trips, talks and lectures, and other social events run by the association.
  • Camaraderie! Last but not least, NITGA is a supportive family for guides – we have close knit relationships and seek to look after each other, not just at a professional level, but on a personal level too. Life-long friendships have been made as a result of joining the NITGA family!
Northern Ireland Tourist Guide Association